...repeats itself

My daughter wants to study photography after she leaves school this year. 

As part of the interview process for one of the colleges she applied for, she was set a project that had to be completed prior interview.

With the opening of Tate Britain’s most comprehensive exhibition yet of David Hockney’s work, my daughter’s project was to create a Hockneyesk photographic ‘joiner’ using Hockney’s My mother as inspiration.

It isn’t the first time this project was set by an art school – as they say, ‘history repeats itself.’ 

So to prove that point to my daughter, I dug out my old art school portfolio and found this piece I created back in 1985. It’s of Hylands House in Chelmsford, featuring (from left to right), myself and school friends, Andy Gross and Andy Poulton.

Besides being Hockneyesk, I suppose it’s also a piece of social history – it shows the state in which Hylands House had fallen into before it was restored 20 years later in 2005.

I’m pleased that between her dad and David Hockey’s mum for inspiration, my daughter pulled it off. That, together with her portfolio she got offers from all three colleges she applied for. Result!

And by the way, the Hockney exhibition at Tate Britain wasn’t bad either.