...on the Western Front Aide Memoire

Anglia Tours, the UK's market leader in fully-guided history tours for schools, has just published a second aide memoire specifically on Surgery & Treatment to complement the first one on the Western Front created in 21015, which were both written, designed and illustrated by myself.

Since 2016, Anglia has been offering itineraries endorsed by Pearson Edexcel as an appropriate introduction to the Medicine Historical Environment, and as you can see from the feedback these have proven to be a real success.

Now, to further enhance this unique educational experience, we are delighted to announce that each a student who travels with us on a Surgery & Treatment on the Western Front tour will be given a copy of a brand new resource booklet, designed specifically to support the learning objectives of this tour

Our new ‘Surgery & Treatment on the Western Front’ Aide Memoire has been designed and produced by Anglia guide, and graphic designer, Frank Toogood. Not only does it contain some wonderful illustrations and extremely useful infographics but it mirrors our tour programme following a casualty from the front line back along the chain of evacuation. The Aide Memoire isn’t simply an invaluable as part of the tour but a highly useful resource once you’re back in the classroom, reminding students what they leant and saw whilst on tour and may be used as a handy revision guide.
— Anglia Tours

You can read more about this on Anglia's blog.